“Hey, Buddy!” Fertilizer use public information campaign

Lawn fertilizer isn’t exactly the sexiest product category out there, but its proper use can have huge effects on our environment. Ketchum Public Relations on behalf of the Fertilizer Canada needed an approach for a public information campaign to help the average home owner understand and remember the correct use of lawn fertilizer. Notice: JavaScript […]

Mutli-channel messaging for non-profits: the Spectra Helpline Elder Abuse Campaign

Spectra Helpline asked us to come up with a new way to build awareness of Elder Abuse issues in Ontario. Elder Abuse effects more than 60,000 Canadians each year. After some research on previous initiatives from other organizations, we realized that the campaigns always focused on elder abuse itself. We decided to talk to people […]

Multi-channel public awareness campaign for Ontario non-profit Spectra Helpline

Retailer Transit & Billboard Advertising: Factory Tire Winter Promotion

What is the best way of reminding drivers that it’s time to purchase new winter tires? Place ads on the back of buses, where drivers can’t help but notice them — while stuck in Toronto’s notorious slow traffic. With only one billboard and a limited outdoor marketing budget, we created a clear and memorable ad […]

Tire Retailer billboard outdoor highway signage winter tire promtoion

Non-profit Marketing: Toque Tuesday Promotional Campaign

Promotional materials for the national non-profit Raising the Roof‘s Toque Tuesday fundraising campaign. Each year, 1000’s of volunteers from all over the country will scope out major cities and sell branded caps with proceeds going towards long-term solutions for Canada’s Homeless.

B2C online service advertising: “Anyone can” campaign for easyDNS.com

The “Anyone can” print based advertising campaign for easyDNS.com, targeted new white space sectors in the consumer market who would not necessarily conceive of owning their own domain name. By focusing on virgin market segments, the client can get a much bigger “bang” for their “ad buying buck”. The ads ran in computer papers and […]

B2C online service advertising: "anyone can have their own domain, even you!" campaign for easyDNS.com - smiley girl

Youthworks Campaign

Ad campaign to raise awareness of youth homelessness and Raising the Roof’s Youthworks programme.

youthworks magazine ad launch campaign