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A brand refresh for a complex non-profit organization: Raising the Roof

Raising the Roof is Canada’s leading charity working on developing and implementing long-term solutions to Homelessness in Canada.

The original identity system, created in the mid 1990s, had trouble dealing with the organizations expanding needs and multi-lingual requirements. Over the years, 12 variations of the logo were created to deal with the french organization name requirements and other issues. On top of all these issues, the organization’s tagline was often too small to read when the logo was produced in real world situations. Even worse, the French and English markets were unaware that the French and English operations were in fact the same organization.

For this nonprofit branding assignment, we combined both the English and the French name into one graphic, while still maintaining a stylistic link to the past identity. The english tagline, the french tagline or both taglines can be used without needing numerous logo variations.

Simplifying a graphic approach helps an organization and it’s partners maintain a consistent public image without having to decide between multiple logo variations.


Some of the old logo variants that were created over the years

image: old RTR logo
The old bi-lingual logo


The old “french only” logo variation.