easyDNS.com branding system: Hi-tech to hi-touch for an online service

Updating the branding of an established online service can be a challenge. How to update the brand without alienating their present client base and still clarify the unique qualities of who they’ve grown into and help them grow into larger market opportunities?

easyDNS.com was always a favourite with the internets’ “in-the-know” crowd. They were one of the first dedicated 3rd party Hosted DNS and Domain Name providers when they started back in 1998. And they’ve been growing ever since.

To increase the effectiveness of their messaging, we helped easyDNS push the “what” of their product offerings to help new prospects understand just who easyDNS is and how their products fit into their clients world.

They always offered gold standard customer support, but so many potential customers were in the dark on how easyDNS could enable them to take control of their online presence.

To help communicate one of their key differences – being able to talk to a real human being without having to go through phone tree hell – we developed two friendly mascots – Kevin and Jill to help guide potential customers through the buying process.

We kept the basic feel of the old logo, modernized and strengthened it.

[image] old easydns logo: rectangle with green half on the left, DNS on white the other half
The old easyDNS logo – square and a bit dated
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