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Based in Toronto, Canada, Focused Creative provides clients communication solutions to cut through the noise to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

We specialize in strategic solutions, working with clients to define goals and execute solutions that not only meet their goals but reflect their brand values.




Phil Emery, principal

phil-emeryWith well over 20 years of experience in the design and marketing field, Phil Emery makes a point to always put the client’s needs ahead of trends and the latest marketing hyperbole.

Phil’s career started after landing a job working for an offset-printer as the sole designer and production artist responsible for keeping 3 presses running each and every day. This gave him the opportunity to meet with the clients, design the job, spec paper and formats, and strip the film and develop the printing plates for the press on every job. During the 8 years, while he was there, he created over 3,000 finished pieces.

While working full-time, he went to the Ontario College of Art as an adult student. “It used to drive me crazy. I was working 44+ hours a week and always managed to have assignments in on time. The full-time students were always late and asking for extensions. I just thought ‘there’s not any extensions in real-life!’ We did a lot of Financial Printing then (Annual Reports and Quarterly reports) so we always had to get stuff done on time, there was just no other option. If that meant working all night, well, that’s what we did.”

Since starting his solo practice he’s managed to work with some pretty great people. “Whether it’s non-profits like Raising the Roof, the online domain registration company easydns.com or a family-run tire retailer like Factory Tire, every job is a new experience. I love exploring new market sectors to uncover opportunities for clients they never knew existed and then giving them the tools to bring in new prospects.”

Along the way, he began teaching others at Hoffman & Associates, a private post-secondary institution. Teaching Design, Typography and Digital Pre-Press technologies. “There’s no better way of exploring the depths of a subject than teaching it to someone else. I was teaching both university-aged kids and adults – seeing how each group took in new information really teaches one how to get messages across to diverse audiences. And it was a truckload of fun, but exhausting. I hope to get back to it – I really miss it.”

Being a musician made adding marketing to his service mix early on a natural move. “When you run a band, you quickly learn it’s all about getting people to know who you are and getting them through the door, heck the music industry is largely marketing”.

He is also the Producer and Co-Host of the successful streaming radio show and podcast “Song Talk Radio: The Songwriters Podcast”, putting out a weekly show since 2013. “It’s been great using all the social media channels to create a thriving community of songwriters, and what a better way to eat one’s own dog food! …so to speak…”. Song Talk Radio is available via the iTunes Podcast Directory and via the Stitcher.com platform.

Phil also is the inventor of a revolutionary shaving product The Original PreShave Bar, available on-line and in select retailers.

A Proud Member of: BNI Business Edge - Toronto Based B2B Networking