So what do you do? Toronto Small Business Graphic Design Marketing Advertising

So, what do you do, again?

Ok. You’ve got a great product. Or a great new company. Or an established company. But people just don’t seem to “get” the amazing value you offer to your market.

Hiring a big agency is out of your budget, but you still deserve solutions that have all the quality and depth of a big agency — but with fewer latte’s.

That’s where we come in. Just great ideas and surprising insights that build your organization’s visibility, market-understanding and brand value.

Imagine, graphic solutions that actually help you sell more.

Or, it’s like your present supplier seems to have better things to do. You’re feeling like since you don’t have $2M a year for your marketing budget, they’re kinda “just phone-ing it in”.

Let us give you a second opinion. Sometimes a fresh brain can help you see your communications strategy in a new light.

We’re more than just what looks trendy. You deserve a solution built on strategy and with clear business goals to help you bring in new leads and close sales easier.

And we’re just the kind of Toronto-based agency that delivers those solutions — from concept-to-delivery.

The Full-Service, Concept-to-Delivery, Creative Shop.

We create:
Targeted Advertising, Pithy, yet highly effective, Marketing Campaigns, Concept-to-delivery Creative Services – heck, even Brochures that actually help you sell more stuff and not just sit in a box in the breakroom.

And all within your budget. Yeah! We know!

MiniGrid Slot Car & Model car Toronto Retail store website
Tim Hortons Logo food services support graphic design
Conagra Foods Logo Food Retail Brand support design
Spearhead Brewing Company Canadian Craft-brewery marketing design
Factory Tire Logo Tire Retail Canadian design and marketing support

Oh, the things we do...

Outstanding Creative: Innovative Creative to Drive Sales

Not just flashy, fashionable work to impresses our “friends in the industry”, but ideas, concepts and strategies to solve any kind of business communication problem. Got a great new product, but can’t think of a name? Is creating yet another Annual Report starting to feel like a total waste of time and money? Brochures and Marketing Materials just sitting in a box? We can show you new approaches that actually improve your bottom line.

Small Business Marketing

You've got a fantastic service or product but your target just isn't "getting it"?

We'll help you develop your unique selling proposition and translate it into the language your target needs to hear.

Strategic Graphic Design

With over 25 years of Digital and Print Design and Project Management experience and over 1,000 pieces designed, we make sure that your printed image is consistent, effective, economical and works across all the digital and traditional channels. We create solutions based on clear business goals that help you get your message across faster and more effectively.

Oh, the things they say . . .

I always appreciate the advice and support that Phil provides when I create my presentations. His insights and perspective are highly valued.

Lois Tupper Communications Corporate & Marketing Writing
Powerpoints that knocked it out of the park! Lois Tupper Communications

As a PR & Communications Consultant serving mostly not-for-profit clients, my clients and I have relied on Phil Emery to provide for a wide range of graphic design needs. Whether developing an entire visual identity or sub-brand, an annual report or stakeholder newsletter, website design, a paid advertisement, signage or any other information/promotion piece, Phil is extremely talented and skilled at delivering the best creative solution.

Susanna Smith president, Susanna Smith Communications

Phil Emery of Focused Creative, supplied the creative, production ready copy/graphics, and dedicated website for Serve’s signature fundraiser ServeStock, for three years. His concepts were perfect for our event, and working with him was a pleasure, seamless, and effortless: we could always count on him. I would recommend him highly.

Alison Caird (former) Serve Executive Director

Phil is a great collaborator who has provided authoritative input and advice to CEEA and its team as we strive to rebrand and improve our website, social media and marketing communications. Giving creative and practical advice, he keeps in mind our brand, our resources and our desire to grow.

Jane L Thompson Jane L. Thompson Communications Consultant and Editor/Writer

I have worked with Phil Emery of Focused Creative for more than 10 years.

During those years we collaborated on projects for mutual clients and I also hired Focused Creative to provide services under my direction for my individual clients.

The range of work has included marketing, graphic design for print or digital media, website development and advertising.

In all cases, Phil Emery and Focused Creative delivered quality work on time. I believe this is based not just on talent, but on the fact that Phil listens. He works to understand the client’s needs and suggests practical solutions that will fall within budget and timelines. It is also important that he is easy to work with.

I can recommend his work to anyone who needs a reliable and creative consultant.

Sharon Airhart Telehomecare Communications Lead, OTN

Phil Emery is a creative and highly responsive designer who goes beyond the basic requirements of any job to add value through his understanding of communications. He know how to connect to people through compelling images and engaging design. All that, and he’s a pleasure to work with too.

Jill Fairbrother Principal, Fairbrother & Partners Inc.

I’ve worked closely with Phil for over a decade and found him to be a huge resource to my main company and other business ventures.

He is one of the most intuitively adept people I have ever worked with when it comes to branding, positioning (and re-positioning) and understanding consumer responsiveness. His ability to manage large projects and interface effectively with multiple teams made it easy for us to continually rely on him over the years.

Mark Jeftovic Founder & CEO, easyDNS Technologies Inc.

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